About: Dr. David Salanki & Chiropractic Associates of Port Colborne

Welcome to Chiropractic Associates of Port Colborne. Please enjoy the many entertaining and educational activities you will find on our web site. During your visit don’t forget to click on Newsletters and sign up for our Free Email Newsletter.

At Chiropractic Associates of Port Colborne you will find a group of committed professionals with the goal of helping you return to a natural state of good health.

You will quickly become a welcomed member of our family of satisfied patients. We treat a wide variety of conditions using the best combination of traditional Chiropractic techniques and the latest in innovative care.

Chiropractic Associates is ready to become your stepping stone to better health. Click on the Contact Us page and call for an appointment today. Let this be your first step on the path to better health.

Visit our website http://www.chiropracticassociates.com or contact us today to make your appointment.

Chiropractic Associates of Port Colborne
258 Killaly St. West  Port Colborne, Ontario L3K6A6

Office Phone (905) 835-1303
Office Fax (905) 835-6712
Our Patient Specialists are ready to help:

For Complimentary Consultation
Please Call (905) 835-1303

E-Mail: frontdeskca@chiropracticassociates.com

Dr. David G. Salanki D.C., C.C.R.D.
Clinic Director

Dr. Brent Moyer D.C., BHSc
Associate Chiropractor

Dr. Scott MacPherson D.C., B.Sc, B.Ed
Associate Chiropractor

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