I Can’t Function. MY LEGS HURT!!

Our legs are our primary means of locomotion, starting with crawling on up to walking, running and leaping. Legs are tools which are almost a necessity in the function of daily activities. They do a fantastic job of supporting our weight and moving our bodies from place to place.

Occasionally, the feet are even used as “extra hands” to open and close doors, guide the movement of heavy objects, pick up small objects from the floor and “kick the ball!” The postman, the policeman, the housewife and many office and factory workers depend on their legs for miles of walking each day.

Scientists have attempted to duplicate leg functions in robots using computerized electrical circuitry. But with all the advanced scientific knowledge and technology available, nothing compares to the computerized electronics of the human brain, spinal cord and spinal nerves in facilitating every day leg functions.

Like man-made electronics, whenever the “power” is shut off, there is a total loss of function (Paralysis) and if there is any kind of lesser disturbance to the electronic circuitry, wires could get hot, lights could flicker, etc.

In the body, a “hot” sciatic nerve results in the toothache-type pain of sciatic neuritis. Pressure on nerves in the lower back to the legs is usually the “cause” and could also produce numbness, weakness, muscle cramps, etc.

If there is an electronic malfunction with a robotic leg, an immediate investigation would be conducted of the electronics involved to correct the “cause” of the problem. Doesn’t it make sense that if an individual is suffering from leg pain, there must be a “cause,” also. Instead of taking medication from “temporary relief,” why not search out the source of the nerve irritation and remove that irritation?

Chiropractic spinal adjustments seek out and correct the “cause” of leg pain. Our goal is always to eliminate, not “cover up” with drugs, the source of the interference to a pain free life. Call us today and find out for yourself!!

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Looking for Answers to the Pain of Sciatica

The sciatic nerve is created by the gathering of nerves that extend from the spinal cord down through the pelvic bones. The sciatic nerve branches out and controls the organs in the pelvis and everything else from the hips to the toes.

Sciatica is the inflammation of the sciatic nerve, the largest and longest nerve in the body. Burning pain in the low back, hips, and legs are common symptoms of sciatica. Low back pain is not always part of sciatica, but often comes with it.

Usually, sciatica affects only one side. Pain often radiates down the buttock or leg and can range from a tingling, burning, pins-and-needles feeling to excruciating, shooting pain that makes standing up nearly impossible. Often, coughing, sneezing, and sitting make the pain worse.

In the past, long periods of bed rest were commonly prescribed for sciatic pain and malfunction. Recent studies have confirmed that lengthy bed rest is a waste of time and may interfere with healing. Another common prescription, epidural injections, does not help patients suffering from sciatica, either. Researchers in Germany did a six-month study published this year in Clinical Orthopaedics, and Related Research. These researchers found that spinal corticosteroid injections do not help patients with sciatica improve any faster than those not given such injections.

What does seem to be the correct prescription is conservative chiropractic adjustments to realign the misaligned vertebrae. According to the recently released United States Agency for Health Care Policy and Research (AHCPR) guidelines, “relief of discomfort can be accomplished most safely” with chiropractic adjustments. Chiropractic care (sometimes coupled with simple exercises) normalizes the joint mobility, returns the bones to their proper position, and takes the pressure off the sciatic nerve. Pain and inflammation leave the area. Function is restored. Health is restored. Sciatica is a horrible experience. Regardless of what you may have been told in the past, you may get rid of it. You may not have to “live with it” as you’ve heard. Correction of the cause of sciatica may be as close as a call to our office. We’d be happy to do our part in the restoration of your health and the elimination of the vertebral subluxations that have been interfering with it.

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WRIST PAIN – A Repetitive Stress

Probably the most common repetitive stress injury is the carpal tunnel syndrome that is triggered by repeated forceful wrist flexion. Store check-out clerks, computer operators and other such occupations are subject to recurring bouts of wrist pain.

According to the Merck Medical Manual of Diagnosis and Therapy, a chief consideration for the cause of carpal tunnel syndrome is nerve root compression in the lower cervical spine (neck). Chiropractic authorities agree, stating that spinal subluxations (misaligned vertebrae) in the lower neck can result in nerve root irritation causing an inflammation of the median nerve in the wrist.

A slightly inflamed nerve can go unnoticed for years until it is aggravated by repeated action of the wrist. To the suffering individual, it is logical that the repetitious action of the wrist is causing the pain. But behind it all, may be the spinal subluxation, which caused the nerve to be slightly inflamed in the first place.

Helpful treatment, first and foremost, is to remove any spinal subluxations with gentle spinal adjustments. Reduce the inflammation by resting the wrist and ceasing the repetitive action. Wrist braces or splints are helpful. Posture adjustments can be helpful also. For a keyboard operator, adjust the height of the seat and check for proper back support pressure. Feet should be flat on the floor, back straight and forearms level with the keyboard.

A more drastic approach to treating carpal tunnel syndrome is to surgically enlarge the tunnel in the wrist through which the inflamed nerve passes. While the surgery may provide some relief, the procedure is expensive, painful and disabling.

Chiropractic spinal adjustments and reducing the wrist activity is all that is generally needed to remove the pain and restore the wrist back to normal. If you or a friend have a wrist problem, let us help you regain normal, pain-free function. Call our office today for an appointment. See what chiropractic care can do for you.


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What Causes Leg Pain?

The cause of most leg pain, especially in children, is improper weight balance from the upper part of the body. In the child, abnormal spinal curvatures during their growing years can cause an uneven distribution of weight on the lower extremities.

If you lean forward, backward or to one side in the standing position, it will cause the involuntary muscles in the legs to contract and tighten to maintain balance. Prolonged contraction of these muscles will cause leg pains.

Another example of this uneven weight distribution is seen in the advanced stages of pregnancy with the increased weight in the abdomen which causes lower back muscles to contract resulting in back pain in addition to leg pain. These same symptoms can also be caused by abdominal obesity.

Because most of the weight of the upper body is supported and suspended from the spinal column, it is important to have spinal adjustments to restore normal balance with equal weight distribution to the legs.

Sciatic leg pain is an inflammation of the sciatic nerve which runs down the back of the leg. The sciatic nerve has its origin as branches of the spinal nerves where they emit from in between the vertebrae of the lower back. The sciatic nerve is often irritated and becomes inflamed when the lower lumbar spine becomes misaligned due to falls, blows, sprains and strains.

In addition to leg pains, pressure on nerves in the lower back can also cause numbness, weakness, muscle cramps, etc. Because the nerves in the lower back also supply the bowels, kidneys, bladder and reproductive organs, pressure on these nerves can result in constipation, diarrhea, frequent urination, water retention, bed wetting, menstrual and prostate problems, etc.

Doesn’t it make sense that if an individual is suffering with leg pain, there must be a “cause?” Instead of taking drugs for “temporary relief,” why not search out the source of the nerve irritation and remove it?

Restoring the normal flow of nerve energy from the brain down through the spine to the legs, without drugs or surgery, is the chiropractic approach to eliminating leg pain.

If you or someone your know is suffering with leg pains, please let us help you to overcome this nagging problem through gentle, safe chiropractic care.

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My Hands are Aching or Is it Arthritis!!

A too-firm handshake is painful. Tying shoelaces was routine, now it is a labored effort. Forget about opening that pickle jar or lifting that iron skillet.

Such activities are hardships for the twenty million sufferers of arthritis who spend more than a billion dollars annually for “temporary relief.”

Arthritis is a chemical imbalance in the body that often results from wrong eating, drinking and thinking and with an improperly functioning nervous system.

Body tissues and organs are maintained in perfect health by the nervous system, consisting of the brain, spinal column and spinal nerves.

Interference with the nerves to the digestive organs can cause a chemical imbalance through improperly digested foods and when the kidneys and bowels are unable to rid the body of excess waste, the build up may cause us to be still and sore. When the glandular system secretes excess hormones due to nerve interference and/or excess emotions, the hormones which are acid, begin to eat on us if not utilized or eliminated.

Chiropractic care, along with proper diet, rest, exercise and a balanced mental attitude helps restore the body’s systems back to normal functioning efficiency. Give Chiropractic Care a chance to help you become more healthy.


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Long Cold Season of Back Pain

Nothing is more welcome after the dark cold winter than the first signs that spring is coming. Nothing is more welcome after a bout if severe back pain than the first signs that relief is coming.

Most people suffer back pain at some time in their life. People involved in stressful activities such as contact sports or jobs with a lot of sitting or heavy lifting are more apt to suffer back pain.

Muscle relaxants may provide temporary pain relief, but do not address the cause. Commonly prescribed drugs also have side effects, including the risk of abuse. Surgery is available, but be warned, there are major risks here, too. As reported in the Washington Post in 1995, “Surgeons perform more than 250,000 lower back operations each year, yet health officials think much of the surgery is unnecessary.” This article also emphasizes that the complication rate for surgery is extremely high.

Conservative chiropractic care is very strongly recommended. For back pain sufferers, chiropractic is like the first signs of spring. In the opinion of many research scientists, doctors and average citizens: chiropractic is the conservative care of choice.

In the March 1998 issue of McCall’s Magazine, the author talks about a study, which found “patients to have more relief from chiropractors than from muscle relaxants” that medical doctors prescribe. New government guidelines point patients toward a chiropractic clinic as the first place to seek the answer for their back pain.

In 1994, the Federal Agency for Health Policy and Research guidelines for low back pain concluded that spinal “adjustments,” chiropractic’s main treatment technique, is one of very few treatments whose value is backed up by much well-done research. It was considered a better choice than surgery, drug therapy and other conventional treatments,

In 1997, 20,000,000 adults used chiropractic because of its effectiveness and because of the satisfaction they felt with their previous care or the satisfaction of someone who recommended they seek chiropractic care.

Perhaps, it is time to check out chiropractic and see if you, too, can have a healthier happier spring. Call us today for an appointment.


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Tennis Elbow Pain, Anyone?

Whether you are competing against yourself or on a team, competitive athletes want the ability to “give it all you’ve got.” You want to play up to your natural talent; and frustration occurs when injury disables you, especially one that keeps coming back.

Tennis Elbow is just such an injury. Tennis Elbow (“elbow tendonitis” or “epicondylitis”) is inflammation where a tendon attaches one of the forearm muscles to the bone of the upper arm. Symptoms of Tennis Elbow include inflammation, elbow pain and wrist weakness. Tennis Elbow is diagnosed in players of all racquet sports and in carpenters, electricians, skiers, bowlers and golfers.

Bad form, improper body positioning and repetitive arm and wrist motion are thought by most to be causes of tennis elbow and a similar condition called “Little League Elbow” in which pitchers experience “locking up” of the elbow joint, limited range of motion, pain, numbness and weakness. It is clear with “Little League Elbow” that there is also entrapment of the nerves that run from the spine through the elbow joint.

If Tennis Elbow and Little League Elbow affected everyone with bad form, everyone with bad form would have these conditions, and they don’t!! Sitting through a tennis or baseball tournament. You see plenty of pitchers and players with bad form and all of them don’t suffer elbow pain. Also, every busy carpenter and electrician would be affected. Are they? The answer is NO!!

It’s not old age. Granted, there are “destructive forces” that come with aging. The fact stands out, that the young can be disabled by these forces when many very mature players are not. Age really doesn’t seem to be the critical factor.

We’re not suggesting that correcting bad habits in your form isn’t a good idea. It is!! Make sure that you get lessons from a good instructor in any sport you play. But, that isn’t all that’s necessary, and it doesn’t help the carpenters and electricians.

The first line of defense should be making sure that your body is properly balanced and that your spinal bones and nerve supply can help support your game. Negative physical stress caused by misalignments of the spinal bones can interfere with the body’s rebuilding of healthy tissue, including tendons and muscles. Tennis Elbow can recur because there isn’t sufficient nerve supply necessary to rebuild healthy elbow tissue. Chiropractors work to restore normal nerve supply which creates good healing.

Start any competitive season by having you spine checked for correct body balance and good nerve function so you can play up to you talent and, heal at your body’s highest potential level. Call us, today, to schedule your appointment.

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